DawgArt is a wonderful way to honor the love we have for our animal companions through the creation of custom pet portraits. Alicia VanNoy Call is an award-winning artist, ready to create something one-of-a-kind for you.  DawgArt also makes a great gift!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are your paintings made on a computer?

No.  DawgArt is created traditionally from beginning to end.  Subjects are painstakingly sketched out in graphite on a triple-primed canvas.  They are then lovingly painted by hand in vivid color with brushes and acrylic paint.  The result is a totally unique painting that captures the personality of your pet!

Where did you learn how to paint like this? Are you a trained artist?

As far as DawgArt goes, I am self-taught.  I started creating DawgArt as a fluke in 2001.  My next-door neighbor asked me to make a painting of her dog that matched her house.  Her house was painted in every color of the rainbow!  Since I was self-taught, I didn't really know what I was doing, so I just tried to swallow my uncertainty and paint.

Today, each painting is created through an intuitive process.  I put the sketched out canvas on my easel, squeeze color onto the canvas and just start painting with colors I feel good about.  Since I do very little planning for each piece, aside from blocking out time, every painting is an adventure.

I graduated cum laude from Utah Valley University in 2013 with my Bachelor's of Fine Art in Illustration. Through all my years of study at UVU's illustration program, I have grown immensely as an artist, and my process in creating DawgArt has become more streamlined and intentional. But I still approach each painting as an intuitive journey, focused on creativity and the final goal of making each client smile.

Why do you choose such crazy colors?  Is this how you see the world?

Color has always been fascinating to me. Rainbows are my fave!  I believe color, more than anything, can help communicate the soul of a thing.  So I choose vivid color to express the happy, goofy, soulful, and vibrant personalities that can be found in companion and wild animals.  Customers tell me, "It looks just like my pet!"

What inspires you?

I see beauty everywhere I look.  The natural world, animals, people, art, music and literature all inspire me.  The relationship that people have with their animals is also a beautiful thing to me. I try to capture that relationship whenever I go to the canvas.

Is DawgArt the only thing you make?

I am actually quite a varied artist. I bounce around between different projects and sometimes have a hard time pinning myself down. DawgArt is the most consistent thing I have ever done, besides photography, but I also work in dry media, collage, digital, writing, and music. You can find my other creative endeavors here: AliciaVanNoyCall.com.

Thinking about buying some DawgArt? Keep reading!

Can I get a painting of my pet done?

Yes!  Simply click here or email me at dawgart.info@gmail.com. The commission process is easy and fun!  At the end of the process you will have beautiful artwork to add color and joy to your home.

How much does it cost?

See "Prices."

Do you paint from photos?

Yes.  Photos taken outdoors, in good light, with no flash are best.  They must be of a high enough quality that I can use them as reference.  High resolution, good detail.  If you have a photo of a pet that has crossed over the rainbow bridge, send it to me and I will let you know if it would work.  All hard copy photos used in the commission process are returned with your finished painting.  For examples of photos I like, please click here.

Why do your paintings cost so much more than your prints?

Prints are reproductions of actual paintings, they aren't original artworks themselves.  When you buy a print from anyone, you are buying a picture of a painting.  The painting itself is much more valuable and took much more time and effort to create.  It is unreasonable to ask an artist to create an original painting for the same amount that you would expect to pay for a print.

I want a painting done, but I don't want these crazy colors. Will you paint natural colors for me?

Nope. Arbitrary color is part of my style. When you commission a piece of DawgArt, this is a main part for which you are paying your hard-earned money. If you want natural colors, there are thousands of artists you can find online that do that kind of work.

I want a painting, but I have a very specific idea of what I want. It has to be perfect! I am planning on asking for extensive changes. Will you work with me?

I want to make artwork that inspires, brings joy, and captures the soul of your pet. As I am an artist, my paintings are my artistic representation of the subject. They don't look exactly like the subject, down to the finest detail. That being said, I am willing to work with you, but please know from the beginning that every set of revisions will accrue additional hourly charges above the base commission price.

I don't want to pay for a painting.  If I send you a photo, will you paint it and add the image to your gallery so I can buy a print?

It's possible, but don't count on it.  When I am between commissions, I will dip into my photo files for reference in the creation of paintings.  I have thousands of photos in my files that I have chosen for future painting.  If you have an amazing photo of your pet and think it would be stunning as a painting, feel free to send it to me.  I might feel the same way.  If you send me a photo with the purpose of having me add it to my files, the rights to the final painting belong to me, as do all my images.

If I own a piece of DawgArt, do I also own the rights to reproduce that image?  

No, you don't.  I own the rights to my artwork, even if you paid me to make it. If you would like to reproduce my images in any way, you can contact me and we can discuss compensation.  Of course, if you want to take pictures of your painting with your dog sitting next to it, hanging in your living room, etc., that is fine.  I would love to see how you have displayed your DawgArt and will add it to my website to show it off to other people!