Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Black Friday is here! And three days after that, Cyber Monday. And for this whole exciting four-day shopping weekend, you can get DawgArt for a smokin' deal.

Visit the Etsy store and get 25% off ANYTHING with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY14 at checkout. Prints at any size, original paintings available in the shop, gift certificates, or custom colorful pet portraits, all 25% off. 

Visit the Bitdazzle store and BUY 3 GET 1 FREE with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY14 at checkout.

Visit the Fine Art America store and get 10% off ANYTHING with coupon code SPSZUM at checkout. That's any 10% off any canvas, framed, metal, acrylic, or poster prints.

Visit the Cafepress Marketplace and get DawgArt discounted apparel and gifts with coupon code EARLYSAV. (This coupon code is valid for Black Friday only and in the marketplace only. So you'll have to go the roundabout way to get to my items. Just follow the link and scroll down to find the image/breed you're looking for. Because it's the Marketplace and not my dedicated shop, they won't be in nice organized order, but at least you'll be able to see what's there. Cafepress lists this coupon code value at 25%, but I'm not sure of the exact amount.)

Have fun shopping!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Christmas is coming!

Holiday shopping season is upon us.

Let me tell you a story. It's a heart-warming Christmas story.

Imagine, you are exchanging gifts with your loved one. They give you a nice sweater, or a gift card to that restaurant you like. You are super happy, because who doesn't like a nice sweater?

Then they're looking at you with that look. You know the look. The look that says, "You only went shopping last week, huh? You didn't think about this until just yesterday."

But much to their surprise, you pull out a good-sized package. It could even be a very large package, perfectly wrapped (because you paid your teenage daughter who's really good at wrapping to wrap it), or it could even just be a big cardboard box with no wrapping. Strangely shaped and they're thinking, "What, did he get me a giant frying pan?" or "I guess it's been cold lately, a duvet will at least keep me warm."

But when they open it up, instead of something boring like a frying pan, they find original artwork. On canvas. Of their best friend (or furbie). And it's painted in their favorite colors. And there's not another one like it in the ENTIRE WORLD.

And you'll get a smile like this:

Or this:

And they'll love you forever for being so thoughtful and creative and secretive and for supporting independent artists.

The End

For details on how to commission a custom painting, visit the Commission Guidelines. To purchase directly through this website, click here. To find prints, apparel, and gifts, click here.