Sunday, January 31, 2021

 Sooooo... it’s been like.. five years since I did a blog post. I was thinking blogs aren’t really a thing anymore. Right? This blog used to stand in for a real website (because I don’t code and can’t design a real website), but now I have a cute link list as a landing page, so this blog is kind defunct. But there’s some good info here, like FAQs and stuff for students to write reports so I guess I shouldn’t deactivate it. Plus a social media expert told me I should be posting on my blog and sharing that on Pinterest? Damn... another thing to get on top of. I suppose there are a lot of changes besides just my new landing page. In the past year I’ve set up a Patreon for DawgArt (we’ve already been able to donate artwork to two charities since I set it up), started a new shop for my digital art, oh, and I PICKED UP DIGITAL ART. Here are some examples:

The end goal of learning digital (a process that started in art school) is really so I can get to the point where I can wear snarky t-shirts that I design myself and release a snarky coloring book. Those are literally my two goals with digital. I’m already doing the first one, and I’ve started the process on the second.

Hi. Thanks for reading. I love you. JOIN MY PATREON. Bye.

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