Meet the Artist

Alicia VanNoy Call has been working on DawgArt since 2001.  Back then she was a self-taught artist living in Gilbert, Arizona.  Since then, she has gained a decade of painting experience and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Utah Valley University, where she graduated with honors.  Alicia takes the colorful inspiration for her paintings from the Desert Southwest, where she lives in Arizona with her family and their rescued dog, Toby. She works with various rescue and shelter groups by donating artwork to fundraising auctions to promote awareness and direct care for animals in need.

Artist's Statement:  "One of my professors, as we were packing up to leave class, would say to us, 'Use your powers for good!'

Art has power.  I am fascinated by the connection we share with animals. Every time I put brush to canvas, I explore our connection to Nature and the Animal Kingdom. As we become more disconnected from the natural world through our use of technology, the more important become our relationships to domestic animals. Nature has the power to transform our lives, and pets connect us to that power, through their innocence, beauty, and character. People adore their pets. I attempt to capture that connection and joy through my artwork. As I paint with bright arbitrary colors, I convey the soul of the animal onto the canvas. DawgArt is meant simply to bring joy to people and to help us remember our joyful and natural roots."

Alicia offers DawgArt on several online venues including Fine Art America, Etsy, CafePress, and ArtFinder, as well as in fine retail establishments across the United States.  DawgArt can be found in private collections in every U.S. state, and around the world.

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