Happy Customers

Subjects pose with their new artwork, either custom paintings, or look-alike prints. Animals and their humans love DawgArt! Want your own custom painting? Click here.

Custom Paintings!

Doodles the Chinese Crested
"I love it so much! You're amazing!" ~ Ally H. - Winter Park, FL

Cosmo the Maine Coon kitty
"We love it!" ~ Meghan J. - Sacramento, CA

Rory and her dad 
"Hardest secret to keep, but he absolutely loved it!" ~ Allyson W. - Edmond, OK

Donut the lovable mixed breed 
"The paintings are just stunning together on the wall! We are so thrilled with Donut's piece and the final result of the two together. They are just such a cheerful reminder of our favorite duo, we cleared out a wall in our kitchen for them, so we will see them all the time. I can't thank you enough!" ~ Alexis C. - Norfolk, VA

Saffron and Duck the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
"Thank you for capturing the spirit of my little monkeys!" ~ Taylor R. - Hollywood, CA

Gizmo the Devon Rex
"I can't begin to express how much I love the painting you created of my fur baby. The colors are stunning and you captured his personality in a way I couldn't imagine could be done. When Jon & my daughters presented it to me, I couldn't hold back my tears. It was so amazing! You helped make my 40th birthday wonderful. Thank you for your impressive work our family will treasure for years to come." ~ Jeni M. - Carmel, IN

Addison and Portland the Greater Swiss Mountains Dogs
"Wow, that's great!" ~ Michael B. - Gilbert, AZ

Alphonse the tabby cat
"It's beautiful!! Thank you!!!" ~ Camie C. - Orem, UT

Esso Gomez Louis Alejandro Galli the Chihuahua
"OH MY GOODNESS! You have got to be kidding me! It is freaking gorgeous, Alicia!" ~ Dana G. 

Madison the Golden Retriever
"WE LOVE THEM!" ~ Aaron L. - Encinitas, CA

Sadie and Harlem the pitties
"Wow! We can't wait to hang them up." ~ Heather B. - San Diego, CA

Coco and Bob
"They loved their portrait!" ~ Lydia B. 

Dawny the Goldendoodle
"Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the beautiful painting of our dog Dawny. My husband did a great job of surprising me for our anniversary." ~ Laura N. - Swampscott, MA

Thomas the German Shepherd
"I HAVE CHILLS. You have TOTALLY captured him, Alicia! Just sitting her AMAZED at your talent." ~ Paige M. - Middletown, CT

Olive the Labrador
"I LOVE IT!" ~ Beth F. - Sharon, MA

Penny the Goldendoodle
"It's perfect!" ~ Jill G. - Lexington, MA

Schatze the German Shepherd
"It's so beautiful!" ~ Kate L. - Tempe, AZ

Duke the Corgi
"I love it!!" ~ Mark P. - Englewood, CO

Oscar the Dachshund
"I love it!!! Thank you for providing such happy and beautiful art!" ~ Margaret F. - Charlotte NC

Bob the Chihuahua
"It's so cute!" ~ Jillian Y. - Tempe, AZ

Charlie the Black and Tan Coonhound
"My daughter loved it!" ~ Jill G. - Lexington, MA

Skippy the Jack Russell mix
"It captures him perfectly!" ~ Ally H. - Winter Park, FL

Tiger the Pomeranian
"It's so beautiful. I'm gonna cry." ~ Lucy W. - Tempe, AZ

Macie the Golden Retriever
"Just got the painting and we love it! Macie was really excited too. Thanks again!" ~ Allie S. - Brooklyn, NY

Layla the Rottweiler
"Thanks for the painting, it's amazing." ~ Daniel M. - New York

Luna the Pit Bull
"We are so absolutely thrilled with Luna's portrait! We can barely believe how beautiful it is! The colors are incredible. It is so meaningful to have this portrait of her." ~ Lauren H. - Guilford, CT

Koda the Boxer
"She loves it!" ~ Dustin D. - Durham, NC

Bubbs the Dachshund
"You are amazing!!! No words for your talent." ~ Cathleen S. - San Diego, CA

Mace the German Shepherd Dog
"I love it! I didn't think you could outdo Zeke's, but Mace's might be better. I'm going to save my money to have one done of them together." ~ Tiffany G. - Belzoni, MS


"The paintings totally capture their personalities! I love the colors too. Thank you!" ~ Rachel G. - San Tan Valley, AZ

Max & Maggie the Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers
"You captured Max and Maggie. The colors are just amazing! We will enjoy it so much!!" ~ Brenda S. - Utah

Merlee the Australian Shepherd
"She looks so sweet - just like she is!!" ~ Jennifer D. - Belzoni, MS

Princess Camelot the Dachshund
"It's perfect!" ~ Cathleen S. - San Diego, CA

Cooper the Dachshund

"So beautiful!" ~ Cathleen S.

Luke with Leo the Boxer
"I love it so much.  It looks just like him!" ~ Luke - Chandler, AZ

Halle the Greyhound
"Thank you! The picture is absolutely wonderful." ~ Audra W. - Norfolk, VA

Sammie the German Shepherd mix
"My mom absolutely adored it!  She especially loved the way you captured the life in her eyes :)" ~ Victoria U. - San Jose, CA


Boo the Pit Bull
"Wanted to say thank you soooooo much for the wonderful painting!  Hubby was so pleased he nearly cried.  It was perfect!" ~ Nadia E. - Wolverhampton, UK

Erin and Eiko the German Shepherds
"I just got a new dog yesterday, maybe in a year or so he will be worthy of a painting also!  Thanks again!" ~ Danielle B. - Silverhill, AL

Shayla the mix
"OMG - IT'S GORGEOUS!  I love it and I know she will too!" ~ Martha M. - Texas

Diamond and Diesel the pit bulls
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the most perfect wedding gift for my now husband!  It is the most beautiful painting I've ever seen!" ~ Angie D. - Illinois

Maverick the Mastiff
"It's perfect!" ~ Suzanne P. - Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

Sahara the Mastiff
"I LOVE it!  It captures her personality perfectly!  I can't WAIT to see the other two!"
~Suzanne P.

Lexi the Mastiff
"Love love love it" ~ Suzanne P.

"We have based our entire decor in the basement rec room on these paintings!  Thanks so much!!" ~ Suzanne P.

Sadie the Golden and Maple the Basset pose with their daddy Derek.
"I got the paintings last night!  Any they look absolutely amazing!  I can't thank you enough!"
~Rachael R. - Kailua, Hawaii

Charly the Miniature Schnauzer poses with her 24x30 inch portrait.
"Wow, is all we can say.  With the greatest of awe." ~ Kristin H. - Saratoga Springs, UT

Buster the pit bull
"I LOVE IT!  Thank you SO much!" ~ Mylene B. - Crestview, FL

Zeke the German Shepherd
"It's fabulous!!  I love it!  You capture the dog's expression perfectly.  And I love the colors!
Ooohhh, I am so excited!! Thank you!" ~ Tiffany G. - Belzoni, MS

Ridley from CA poses with his dapper portrait.
"We received the painting this afternoon, and I can't take my eyes off it.  It's absolutely perfect!  Thank you so much - they are going to LOVE it!" ~ Nan R. - West Fargo, ND
(Planned Ridley's portrait as a Christmas gift.)

Jax the Boxer
"It looks amazing!" ~Ethan L. - Lake Charles, LA

Ashlee and Divot the Shih Tzu
"Ashlee LOVED it... and so did Divot (he's such a diva now).  
Thank you again for helping me pull off this birthday surprise.  
The painting is perfect.  We couldn't have imagined anything better." ~ Amy M. - Austin, TX

Care Animal Hospital in Tulsa, OK.
"Our clients love your work!" ~ Kristi B., Practice Manager

The Whittle household, WA.


Great Dane Angus is the star of his living room in TX where 
his original 24x30 inch portraits hang.

The Redds from UT pose with Bo and his new portrait.

The Madison family cats, center of their master bedroom decor in AZ.

Tom and his son with the portrait of their dog,
Nattie Dog Williams.

Chino from AZ, immortalized on canvas!

Tippy and his owner, happy customers!

Look-Alike Prints!

Emmutt the Redbone Coonhound
"Found this for my wife. So hard to find Red Bone Coonhound art. It came just as featured and was a total hit." ~ Jared S. - Sheboygan, WI

Lilly the Bulldog
"I love it! I recommended you to friends already who saw it in my house!" ~ Whitney I. 
-  Charleston, SC

Gibson and Harley - Louisana

Jackie from VA says, "Love the prints we purchased for our entry way.
 Even our Beagle/Basset Charlie loves them!"
Pictured are Charlie and Sam.

Dusty and his look-alike print, from Tiffany in VA.

Gail from OH sent this photo of Ajax and Farrah posing
with their look-alike DawgArt prints!

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