Monday, April 21, 2014

And the winner is...

Last week, DawgArt donated an 11x14 inch custom painting to 2nd Chance Dachshund Rescue for a fundraiser to recoup the expenses from Jerry's surgery. With the help of generous rescue angels, 2nd Chance Doxie was able to raise $700 in three days! They held the raffle drawing for the custom painting on Saturday and the winner is...

Rueal Morrison!

Congratulations, Rueal. Go ahead and email me and we'll get your custom order all set up.

Thank you for supporting 2nd Chance Doxie and rescued animals in need!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Win a Custom Painting - Help a Dachshund!

See this little guy?

His name is Jerry. A 2nd Chance Dachshund Rescue furbie, Jerry recently underwent an expensive surgery to remove a life-threatening blockage. 2nd Chance Dachshund Rescue is a small, volunteer-run organization (like most rescues), and most of the expenses of the rescue are paid for by the rescue angel who started it (like most rescues). 2nd Chance Doxie is hoping to raise money to cover the costs of Jerry's procedure. 

To help them continue their rescue efforts, DawgArt is donating an 11x14 inch custom portrait for raffle fundraiser. (This will be a painting of YOUR pet!) Imagine your pet (or some lucky recipient's pet) captured on canvas in the brilliant colors of DawgArt. Here's a photo to help you imagine it:

Painting shown is 18"x24". Raffle painting is 11"x14".

$5.00 will buy five tickets.
$25.00 will buy 30 tickets.
$100.00 will buy 125 tickets.

To purchase tickets, just visit the 2nd Chance Doxie website and click their "Donate" button. You can enter your desired amount and the purpose for the donation (DawgArt raffle).

2nd Chance Doxie will hold the raffle drawing once they reach their goal of $700.

Here is a chance to win a custom DawgArt portrait for a fraction of the normal cost!

Look at this face:

This little guy and others like him need your help. Together, we can make a difference!