Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wildhorse Ranch Rescue Fundraiser for Einstein!

One of my favorite rescues to work with is Wildhorse Ranch Rescue in Gilbert, AZ. Not only is the founder and chairman Kim Meagher a wonderful person, she's a dear friend. I just love her. She is one of the kindest human beings I know. She started Wildhorse Ranch when she discovered the plight of homeless horses in 1995.

She and her children privately rescued horses until 2000, when she applied for non-profit status for WHRR. With the help of many friends, volunteers, and donors, Kim and WHRR have been able to help save many horses from abuse, neglect, and death.

This past week, when they were travelling back from an event, someone on the freeway slammed into  the horse trailer, resulting in serious injuries for Einstein, a much-loved horse rescued by WHRR.

Einstein (pre-accident)

In order to help raise money for Einstein's care and recovery, I volunteered to make some artwork featuring Einstein. We are auctioning these paintings, the proceeds from the sales of which will be donated back to WHRR. Scroll down to find bidding links.

Here are the paintings, both acrylic on canvas with color wrapping around the edges.

"Kick Up Your Heels" - 24x30 inches. This piece is large and stunning with vivid colors. This image celebrates the energy and joy of a rescued animal, rendered in the brilliant colors of the Southwest.

"Little Sister" - 16x20 inches. This piece is smaller, but no less vibrant. It features an image of Einstein meeting his new little herd sister, Pixie the burro. The original reference photo hangs in the barn at the ranch. I love it because it reminds me of the unfailing generosity and devotion of Kim and the rescue angels at WHRR. That a strong bond can be formed between the most unlikely of friends.

Auctions will end on Sunday night, February 1st at 9pm. Please share this post with your friends and your network to spread the word about Einstein and WHRR. 

Want to see how I made the paintings?

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