Saturday, November 2, 2013

You ARE creative

So I can't tell you how many people I've met who tell me, "I wish I was creative. I can't even draw a stick figure."

First of all, that statement is a ridiculous hyberbole. Of course you can draw a stick figure. The very nature of stick-figurey is that everyone can draw them. Everyone. Here's a stick figure comic of mine:

For more angsty and humorous stick figure comics, click here.

 But drawing aside, I have something to tell you.

You. Are. Creative.

Everyone is creative. Everyone. Just because you don't know how to draw doesn't mean you aren't creative. Just because you can't (or won't) sing, doesn't mean you aren't creative. Just because you don't write novels doesn't mean you aren't creative. You are creative. Everyone is.

Have you ever matched fabrics for your living room? Have you ever cut a peanut butter sandwich into a fun shape? Have you ever problem solved your way out of a financial pickle at work? Have you ever considered and implemented alternatives when your plan didn't work out? Have you ever thrown together a Halloween costume for your kid? Baked a pie? Fixed your car? Told a story? Arranged flowers? Planned an ensemble? Planted a garden? Taken a photo? Made a meme? Rewrote lyrics?

You're creative.

Human beings are naturally creative. And guess what? We're all building lives every day, creating a reality for ourselves, be it positive or negative, wanted or not. We are all creative. You know the idea that you need to be skilled in the visual or performance arts to be creative? Get rid of it, right now.

And while you're at it, get rid of the idea that skills in visual arts are magical, or even completely talent-based. Drawing and painting are learned skills. You can learn how to draw a realistic portrait just the same as you can learn how to solve a complex algebraic equation. If you admire skills in the visual arts, start learning! You're already creative, so take your creativity in a direction that excites and nurtures you.

For those who are considering the possibility of developing their skills in the visual arts, here are some books to help you get in touch with that side of your creativity. Have fun!

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

Cracking Creativity by Michael Michalko

365: A Daily Creativity Journal by Noah Scalin

The Confident Creative by Cat Bennett

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron


Doodling With Jim Henson

Art Masterpieces

Art Nouveau

Girls' Doodle Book - There's a boy's doodle book too, but I'm a girl, so I like the girly stuff more.

Do You Doodle?

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