Monday, July 30, 2012

Rescues on the Lost & Found List!

Meet the rescues around the world that will be benefited by the Lost & Found show!  Visit Indiegogo to contribute, share and help animals.

Each painting will directly benefit each animal featured!

Bama Bully Rescue, AL – Izzy
Blue Dog Rescue, TX – Leesa Ray
Corridor Rescue, TX – Fiesta Freddie
DFW Rescue Me, TX - TBA
Donegal Pet Rescue, Ireland – Chance
East Galway Animal Rescue, Ireland – Wallace
Homestretch Hounds, OH - Jeffrey
Illinois Doberman Rescue, IL – Miracle
Jericho's Promise, CA – Scarlett
Kodi's Club, NY & PA – Baloo
LoveyLoaves Rescue, FL – Duncan
Minnesota Boxer Rescue, MN – Atticus
Rain Rescue, UK – Martha
SA Dog Rescue, South Australia - Elle
South East Dog Rescue, UK – Evie

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