Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Repartee Gallery

Bryun Lemon (the owner of Repartee Gallery) and me, posing with the new DawgArt display.  You can see the awesome Before And After book on the table.  This magical book shows the paintings alongside the reference photos I used to create them!  Bryun makes me laugh.  One of my visits to the gallery, he wore a fancy sequined sombrero the entire time and then once we were outside making arrangements (with cars driving by) for a permanent display he goes, "Oh, I forgot I had this on."  I should have taken a picture.

DawgArt, in the flesh!  (Not as exciting for me to see them in person, considering that I have stacks of paintings in my house, but fun for others who have only seen the paintings in digital images.)  It is a thrill to have them in a bona fide gallery though!

Thanks Bryun, Michael and Repartee!

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