Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valen from Sniffing Snouts

What the heck, guys?  Why didn't anyone tell me to start posting again?  I blame all of you for this five month lapse. ;)

Anyway, it's time to get back into the swing of things, with 2013 well upon us.  The year of Lost & Found!  I'm so excited to be working on this show.  I've met so many wonderful people and heard so many amazing stories.

Today I'm going to feature Valen, a sweetie pie from Sniffing Snouts in Florida.

Read his story here, then check back to see how his painting was created.

(Remember, these stories can be hard to read in the beginning, but they are injected with love, generosity and kindness from rescue volunteers across the world.  Don't give up before you get to the happy ending!)

Valen's story:

 I'm Valen, my foster mom tossed around a few names before she choose that one because it means "strong,healthy" and she knew it wouldn't take long before I grew into my name.

My journey started when my mom saw my intake picture pop up on the local animal control website.

 It didn't stay up long, they told her my picture made people sad. But she couldn't stop thinking about me. She came to meet me the next day and take some more pictures so more people could find out about me and just maybe someone could help me get out of that cold hard place. I was so weak I could hardly stand, but I really liked her camera, as soon as she turned it on I did my best to pose for her. 

I even gave her some kisses. That's when I heard her tell the nice officer that she HAD to get me out and that she wanted me to come home with HER!

I'm a pretty big guy, mom thinks I'm a boxer/pit mix because I'm all legs and I have such flashy white markings. I weighed 37 lbs. I was weak but I was really happy someone came to see me! When mom got the "Okay" to come pick me up they told her I couldn't be neutered until I gained more weight because they didn't want to lose me. I was SO happy to get to ride in the car! Even though mom had to help me get in. 

My dogmom <woof! see what I did there? Instead of godmom I call her dogmom> Candice made it so I could go to the vet right away, mom was worried my organs might have started to shut down because I had gone for sooo long without food. The vet was really nice and checked me out, said how handsome I was and that he would make sure I was healthy. It turns out I had a blood parasite called a Babesia infection YUCK! I don't know what that is, I just know it meant I had to get MORE shots, I don't really like shots much but they made me feel better!.

Nobody knows where I came from or how I ended up as a stray.  I left the vet a present (I couldn't help it.  It was embarrassing, but I was nervous) there were WHOLE paper towels which made everyone REALLY wonder where I came from and what I was doing swallowing those things.  Was I really THAT hungry out on the street? Or did some mean person make me eat them? I don't remember, all I know is everyone I have met since I got out has been SO nice to me, and that I don't need to eat stuff like that anymore.

One of the best things about being out of that shelter? I got to eat ALL DAY LONG! Mom was always giving me food! She made me special meatballs too! They were REALLY good! I started putting on weight in no time. Mom found out I really like it in the car and we go for rides a lot. It wasn't before I started looking like the handsome guy she always knew I should be. A couple months of good food and love and I bounced back to 55 lbs, I still have a few more to go but mom doesn't want me to get fat.

I have come a long way since mom found me back in December 2011, I've learned these little people called "kids" are pretty awesome (they almost always smell like FOOD!) and cats are pretty cool too! Mom says I'm healthy enough to go live with my forever family but I haven't found them yet. 

I love my foster family but if I get adopted mom can help another dog just like she helped me. If you live in Orlando I would love to meet you! The awesome people at Sniffing Snouts Rescue are the ones that made it possible for me to be saved.


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