Friday, January 25, 2013

Valen's painting process

Just a few photos to show part of the painting process.  I'll be uploading a video too, so stay tuned.

Started with Valen's photo.  He loves to ride in the car.  What a cutie!

Sketched out the painting on canvas.  Decided to mostly focus on the head here, since he's got such a great smile.

Started the the piece in acrylic paint.  As you have seen from my process videos, I always put in the darkest values first, and work directly on the white canvas, no painting palette, building up to the lightest values.

A little more developed.  Don Seegmiller showed me a 60s pop art book that offered some inspiration on palette and design.  So I think I know where I'm going with this.

Time to add some pop art inspired embellishment.  I put down tape to create some nice straight edges to contrast with the more organic shapes.

Voila.  A piece that really pops.

 To find out more about the rescue that saved Valen's life, visit Sniffing Snouts Pitbull Rescue.

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