Friday, May 25, 2012

Artist Highlight: Lynn Culp

Our artist highlight for this post: Lynn Culp.  I found Lynn on Etsy, and her generous suggestions and tips helped motivate me to get my Etsy shop started last year.  You can find her work on Colormutts.

According to her bio, Lynn received her BFA in painting from Rutgers University in NJ.  In 1999, she returned to traditional painting as a hobby, using bright colors directly from the tube (like me!) focusing on complimentary palettes and utilizing an underpainting.  She started painting dogs in acrylic in 2006, challenging herself to do a painting a day since she was inspired by the variety of dog breeds. Can you imagine?  A painting a day!  Her signature style starts with a red underpainting, bright color palette and deep canvas profile painted on the edge, so the small canvases can hang or stand on a shelf.  Lynn is an award-winning painter who has exhibited at the International Exhibition on Animals in Art at Louisiana State University.  This artist takes commissions!

Here are some of her paintings:

Make note: these are not my paintings, they belong to Lynn Culp and many of them are available for sale here!

Aren't these fabulous?  I just adore the expression she's able to capture.  The red underpainting creates such warmth, and the graphic quality of the outline that comes through makes the pieces that much more exciting.  Check out her artwork at Colormutts.  Great job, Lynn. :)  Your work ethic is admirable and your artwork, an inspiration!

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