Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Window Box

The Window Box Gallery (62 W. Center St. in Provo) had a DawgArt show this week!  We had about 150 visitors, including some friends. ;)  The show will be up for another four weeks if you want to take a look.  There are about twenty paintings and they look amazing all together with the brilliant colors.

Ginny, Lish and Tyler were there to support me.  As always!

Sabrina came by with Devin.  I LOVE this girl. :)

Linda, the amazing watercolorist and oil painter came to visit.  
I miss sitting next to her in watermedia.  Linda, you're the best. :)

Jerel Harwood of Grey Forest Studio hung out for a while.
I have awesome friends.

Jorge and Helen stopped by too.  Thanks guys!

Kari Larsen brought Gage over and hung out to talk about writing.
I'm excited to get to know her more!

The lovely Jan!  I adore her epic-sized abstract landscapes.  
What a sweetie to visit my show!

Thanks also goes out to other people who made it to the show, but not into the pictures: Sean and Cate Hess, Denise and Eric Mutch.  Love you guys!

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