I Want a Custom Painting!

So you want some DawgArt of your own? Read these commission guidelines to find out what's involved, and the process from beginning to end.

All custom works are traditionally painted acrylic on canvas in non-traditional colors. This means that I work in traditional techniques. I painstakingly sketch the likeness of your animal onto the canvas, use paint brushes and vivid paints to create a one-of-a-kind painting on stretched canvas, wired and ready to hang when it arrives at your house. Commissioning is easy, and fun! 

If you purchase through www.DawgArt.com, your commission fee will be paid in advance. Visit "Prices" for super easy, one-click, Buy Now options. If you are ordering anything larger than 16x20 inches, and wish to split your payment up into two payments, contact me through email. For two-payment transactions, a 50% non-refundable deposit made through the security of Paypal. Simply log into Paypal, click "send money", enter my email address (dawgart.info@gmail.com) and the amount. 

Commission prices listed are for one subject per canvas.

11x14 is $400.00 (head or face only)

18x18 is $450.00 (head and shoulders)
16x20 is $500.00 (head and shoulders)
20x20 is $550.00 (head and shoulders)
18x24 is $600.00
20x24 is $650.00
24x24 is $700.00
24x30 is $800.00
24x36 is $950.00

30x30 is $1000.00
30x40 is $1700.00
36x36 is $2200.00
36x48 is $2700.00

48x60 is $3500.00

**Regarding the number of subjects (this will not apply to your piece if you only have one pet in the painting.) If you would like a painting with more than one subject, each additional subject is $100.00 added to the price of the canvas size, (starting with two subjects on a 20x24 inch canvas and up, three subjects on a 24x36 inch canvas and up). The smaller sizes will not accommodate more than one subject. I paint BIG! 

**At the time of commission I ask that you provide information about the animal's personality as well as possible color preferences. Please let me know if you really don't like certain colors. If there is a painting I have created in the past, and you really like the palette, let me know.

**I paint from photos. Clear photos (no blur), in good light (not underexposed or overexposed), in high resolution are best. Fill the frame with your pet. I need details to capture that face you love. If the photos are blurry, too dark, too light, unclear, or far away from the camera, they are very difficult to work from, if not impossible. If you have a photo you love, feel free to send it to me, and I'll let you know if it would work. Follow this link to see examples of photos I would love to work from: http://dawgart.deviantart.com/favourites/

In the event of a waiting list, your payment, along with your photo(s) holds your place in the queue. (When you send your deposit or payment, you agree to pay me for a unique piece of artwork depicting your pet. Our email conversations along with your deposit will stand as an agreement between us that you have read and understand these guidelines, and that I will create a painting for you and will be compensated in full for its creation.) Turnaround time with no waiting list is usually about two weeks. I will let you know an estimated time of completion in the event of a waiting list.

**When I begin the painting, you will receive an email. 

**When the painting is completed, I send a preview photo, following which, if applicable, the balance plus shipping will be due. 

** If you receive your preview photo and wish for small revisions, I will do what I can to make the painting what you want it to be. If you wish for large revisions, additional hourly charges will apply (between $50-$100/hour).  I do my best to portray the soul of your pet, through bright color and vibrant hues. Some clients have very specific ideas in mind regarding what they want the portrait to look like, but letting the artist have creative control yields the best result. My artwork are interpretations of the life, joy, and soul of your pet, not exact copies.

**The painting will ship. I use FedEX Ground. I will give you a shipping quote taking into account the size of the canvas, the specific destination, professional packing (in a specially designed art box) and insurance. If you live outside the contiguous United States, please inform me of that at the beginning of the process so I can plan accordingly.

**Reproduction rights to the image belong to me, and I will offer prints of the image for sale in my various shops, including apparel and gifts from CafePress and Zazzle, which of course will be available to you. The image itself may be used for DawgArt advertising and in future art books and publications. Your pet could be famous! For more information regarding the commission process, check out the FAQs here.

Visit my website for links to where you can find DawgArt online! Like DawgArt on Facebook for special offers, sales, contests, and daily humorous offerings.

Email me if you have any questions.


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