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See the zebra on the cover? That's DawgArt. Okay, so it's not just MY book, but five other authors/artists and I put together a series of painting tutorials just for you. Want to know the secrets to my vibrant animal paintings? Get this book! Want to unlock the secrets of acrylic painting? Get this book! Want to be stunned and amazed by 27 pages (and those are just MY pages. There are actually 140 pages) of step-by-step painting projects in brilliant color? Get this book! Where can you get this book? I'm glad you asked. Follow the links.

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Also, this lovely book, created for younger and beginning artists:

Featuring eight different art styles (including DawgArt) and more than thirty ideas to turn the love for your pet into a work of art! Collage, crochet, painting, drawing, and more. See DawgArt here on the back?

Get this book for the budding artist in your life -- or for yourself -- today!

Find it here:


  1. Too bad you do not have your digital book so I can buy it. I'm in Brazil. Is there any way to buy it digitally?

  2. Absolutely loved your book! Did one of the paintings and it was so much fun. You have mad skills and after as many years as you have into pet portraits, it shows! Thanks for the simple instructions. Love my painting :)